ChatGPT Cash Cow:
How to Milk Artificial Intelligence for All It's Worth
Online workshop
4 hours
1 year
no special knowledge
What is ChatGPT?
ChatGPT is a neural network that can create all kinds of texts, from posts and talking points to contracts
and presentations. It can even write code, marketing messages, and essays.

In the workshop, you will learn how to use it correctly to save your time, make money
and make your life easier overall.

Made for

  • Visual
    art directors, artists, illustrators, etc.
  • Marketing
    Copywriters, strategists,
    creative directors, etc.
  • Managing
    Business owners, start-ups,
  • Enthusiasm
    Anyone interested in current AI tools
Why now
Imagine being able to create high-quality content, analyze data, and automate tasks with just a push of a button.

That's exactly what GPT-Chat can do for you. And the best part is, you don't need any technical background or prior knowledge to start.

Learn with us and see how easy it is to use AI, and how it can help you to achieve more in less time, and make smart decisions.

Don't be left behind, join us now and be ready for the future.

You will get
  • New sources of inspiration
  • Tools for big data analysis
  • Partner for brainstorming sessions
  • Powerful copywriting tools
  • Process Automation Tools
  • New level of productivity and creativity

You will learn

How ChatGPT works and for what tasks it can be used
How to create content you need with ChatGPT: from briefs and marketing concepts to contracts, articles and posts
Examples of ChatGPT usage for more complicated tasks: creating chatbots, mobile applications, games, and other products
How to use ChatGPT to automate workflows and use it as a business consultant
  • IT Entrepreneur
  • Prompt engineer and artificial intelligence enthusiast,
  • Co-founder of Hybrain AI startup lab
  • Lecturer with 7 years of experience (High School of Economics, British Higher School of Art and Design, Philip Morris, ALMA University, Astana Hub, JV Team, Narxoz University, Verny Capital)
Nik McFly
Co-founder of Hybrain Academy
  • MODULE 1
    Introduction to ChatGPT

    • What is ChatGPT and how does it work
    • Examples of industries and professions where ChatGPT can be used
    • ChatGPT Usage Examples
  • MODULE 2
    How to create marketing and Non/Fiction texts for different platforms and audiences-from website prototypes, articles, and briefs to marketing and design concepts

    • Tones of Voices
    • A list of framers for copywriting
    • How to write a book using ChatGPT
    • Style settings
    • Prompts on writing and formatting
    • Advanced Prompts
    • Plagiarism Detection Tools
    • Use-Cases

    • MODULE 3
      Learning hybrid professions and content monetization from ChatGPT

      • Virtual Assistant Services
      • Teaching and Learning
      • Research and translation services
      • Copywriting and content creation
      • E-Commerce & Product Reviews
      • Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO)
      • Creating Your Own Social Media Channel
      • Creation of a paid newsletter
      • Selling Digital Products
      • Selling Physical Products
    • MODULE 4
      Collaborative creation of products with ChatGPT

      • Examples and cases of products created with ChatGPT: plugins, chatbots, mobile applications and games
      • How to use ChatGPT to create your own digital software product

      Products based on or upgraded with ChatGPT

      • Examples and case studies of products you can create based on ChatGPT
      • How to modernize existing products using ChatGPT integratio
        • MODULE 5
          Automation of business processes with ChatGPT

          • Choosing professions at risk
          • Key traits and types of professions susceptible to automation
          • A definitive checklist for successful business process automation with artificial intelligence
          • Bridging the automation gap: tools and custom development
          • An example of business process automation
          Web-Browsing & Plugins

          • Extending the capabilities of a web browser with ChatGPT
          • Overview of popular plugins and extensions using ChatGPT
          • Installing and Configuring Plugins
          • Integrating ChatGPT with your web browser for easy access to features

          Business consultant and assistant available 24/7

          • Creating emails, texts, and legal documents, as well as effective resume writing or case searches
          • Evaluating transactions and improving business decisions
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