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ChatGPT Cash Cow
Co-Create with AI
How to create all the text content – from emails to strategies – with ChatGPT and earn on it.

For marketers, copywriters, entrepreneurs and anyone seeking new revenue sources.
How to generate ideas with the help of AI. Tips & tricks on working with visual and text neural networks.

For designers, artists and everybody who deals with creativity.
AI Finanсiers
How to do financial tasks like fraud detection, risk management, credit scoring and other ones much faster and with no errors.

For accountants, financial officers, risk managers and others.
Prompt Engineering
An online course on developing and monetizing prompt engineering skills, where you'll learn how to create and sell prompts for top AI tools.

For people with any level of skill
Why Study AI
AI is a powerful tool that can help individuals and organizations be competitive and stay ahead of the curve in today's fast-paced digital landscape
You shouldn't read tons
of documents any more.
The whole world with all experience ever is open for you with AI searching tools.
Take it and create!
Analyze tons of data
in one click
You'll never have a creative
block again. AI will suggest myriads of ideas on your subject
in seconds.
Find new ideas
All the work you don’t like - researching for data, writing emails, creating instructions and so on - can be transferred to AI.
Stop doing routine work
AI is revolutionizing the way we do business and profit.
Content creation, data analytics, accurate predictions all of which you can monetize.
New way to earn money
Tasks that humans do in hours
and even days, AI will do
in minutes. Writing a post, developing a marketing strategy, creating a design now
is a matter of minutes.
Save time and money
We have already trained more than 100 students in various professions to use AI
It was a very cool experience. I was afraid that my humanitarian mindset would let me down and I wouldn't understand a thing, but it turned out that even someone with zero knowledge in the subject can master the material)

My main insights: inspiration / discovery / optimization

Neural networks are not as complicated as they seem :)
They allow to facilitate operational and creative tasks, they are the future that has already become present and we can transform them into everyday life.
CEO of a contemporary art gallery
Anna Semenova
Opened my eyes to an important topic and inspired me to learn more, gave me some basic understanding and access to the tools.

I wish it had been the beginning of a community – people that I could connect with so that we could help each other. I feel like we haven't gotten there yet.

My top 3 insights:
Hybrid creativity is definitely a thing
I can see how it can improve creative process, I found it very inspiring
We should all use it now
George is a world-class teacher.
You need people like him to elevate your content.
CDO EMEA at DDB Worldwide
Steve Griffiths
The most current state of AI art today. In-depth theoretical fundamentals. Super useful practical knowledge

My main insights:
Teachers have deep and systemic professional knowledge

I can now consider myself one of the few with the most relevant info

I found support for my point of view on hybrid creativity authorship issues
Alex Andreev
An eye-opening experience of unexplored possibilities and gentle use of artificial intelligence in creative context.

My top 3 takeaways from the masterclass:
AI is a mirror of your ability to imagine something
The balance between abstract and concrete is the key
Good semantics is the ticket that leads to otherworldly results

I enjoyed the hands-on approach, it's very useful because you can start creating right away.
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