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3 day Masterclass for Creatives «Co-create with AI»
The speakers are creative industry insiders and AI early adopters
8 popular services you can use right now
Generate images in any style from a prompt description
Here you can AI generate human face by certain criteria
Generated by short descrip of a company or product
Create text for a website, ad, article, branding materials, etc
Selects options based on your answers about the product
Find the perfect combination of font pairs
Midjourney and Stable Diffusion

Many people have heard of Midjourney and Stable Diffusion – tools that generate images based on text requests (prompts). They do the task that would take an illustrator at least a day, in seconds or minutes (depends on the load).

Good prompt query is the key to success. Prompt libraries and generators, and, of course, experience help.


First, check out Midjourney' Discord
(you have to have a discord account to use it).

On the Midjourney server select any channel from the NEWCOMER ROOMS section.
In the selected chatroom, type "/imagine"
Write a text description for the desired picture
It generates 4 previews of the image. To improve the quality of the versions you like, click the buttons below: select the successful version U1-U4 to scale it (left to right), or create new versions of it V1-V4 (also left to right).
Before entering the prompt, you can scroll up a bit to see what prompts for the pics you like the most look like: what additional words and formats to use.

You can generate 25 pics for free, then the bot will offer a subscription.
Stable Diffusion

This is the most recent AI image generator as of today. Check it out by the link
Sign up with your email and go
Here's the same prompt with a unicorn swimming in a crater on Mars, as the one we used for Midjourney.
If you add just a couple of words - anime magic 3D, the result changes to this:
Let's add the word "Realistic" to the previous one:
Just like with Midjourney, you have to learn how to write proper queries. You google for prompts or prompt generators.

And yes, Stable Diffusion plugins for Figma and Photoshop are also available now, so it's super easy to use.
Generated.Photos and
This Person Does Not Exist
Instead of scouring stock sites for suitable face, create it using Generatedphotos. It can generate a portrait of a person according to given requirements.

It's already used by the BBC, Forbes, Daily Mail, and many others.

For example it generated this photo for "a happy young Latina girl with dark long hair, brown eyes, natural look".
To use it, register on the site and then pick "Browse photos" - to generate several pics according to chosen criteria, or "Generate a photo" - to be more specific with a single photo.

Among the generation criteria you can find: age, skin color, eye color, hair color, emotion, ethnicity, hair length, etc.

"Generate a photo" offers more options. Emotions can be - happy, neutral, surprised, angry, frightened, and so on, while in "Browse photos" you can choose only neutral or funny emotion. You can also have lips makeup and glasses.

Here, for example, you can see an angry white boy
You can download low quality watermarked faces for personal use for free.

Or you can have a paid subscription for HQ faces, including for commercial use.

The alternative free option - This Person Does Not Exist

Just refresh the page and you have random photographs.
Con: you can't set your own criteria here.
Sitekick can create a ready-to-go landing page: structure, texts, layout - based on the name and description of a company or product. The service is super simple: register and go through the steps.
    Enter the company/product name and description
    Program generates several variants of content for each block
    You can select the variant you like for each block, if none of them fits - generate more.

    The program itself describes competitive advantages and a unique selling proposition!
    When everything is ready, press "Finish", and here you go, ready-made landing page!
    It can be downloaded as HTML or Webflow for 29$
      This service can help you to write a text for any purpose and in any tone

      At first glance its interface seem to be complicated, but with little patience you are getting used to it

        First of all, add up some info about your project, to make results fit your goals best
        Enter name and description of your product
        The program gives you options to pick: texts that you can like, copy, delete, depending on how they fit you
        you can generate more options similar to the ones you like
        Generate more. You can improve the text infinitely - as a nested doll, it can open more and more variations
        The same way for all kinds of texts - posts, websites and articles, whatever. There is a diverse formats menu.
        You can generate up to 2000 words per month for free. Further payment depends on the number of words. In the PRO tier you can also select a language.
          Create a logo in Looka in five minutes.

          Just answer a few questions about your business.
            • Next, choose a style you like, there are options
            • Pick colors
            • You can add a slogan or related words.
              Select from the list or write your own
            • "Continue" generates several logo options
            The logo you like can be customized (hover your cursor over it and the button appears) and used to create a brand kit and any other way you like

            The button Brand kit generates over 300 materials on the basis of the brand book
              Depending on how many materials you need, choose a rate
              You can use Fontjoy to generate font combinations.

              Generate button changes all fonts, except the ones you have locked (the second one in the picture is locked).
                3 day Masterclass for Creatives «Co-create with AI»
                The speakers are creative industry insiders and AI early adopters
                Cool generative AI cases
                1. Developer named Nao_u created the Shoon space shooter in just 3 days. All the graphics for the game were 100% generated by Midjourney.
                2. A$AP' "Rocky" video was made with the obvious (check it out) help of neural networks
                3. A new ICON method to reconstruct a textured 3D human model by a single RGB photo
                4. Clothing concepts with DALLE-2
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