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Online workshop
Introduction to artificial intelligence for creatives.
You'll see
how it works, master
and most
make it a part
of your workflow.
the main tools,
importantly, learn how to
1 year
4 hours
no special knowledge
Online workshop
how it works,
integrate AI into your workflow.
Co-Create with
master the main tools,
and learn how to create any image or text in seconds,
Introduction to artificial intelligence for creatives. You'll see
1 year
4 hours
no special knowledge
Why now

A task that would take days for a human to complete, AI completes in a minute.
This opens the door to huge possibilities, while dramatically increasing productivity and creativity.

However, only 10% of specialists are aware of the existence of AI tools, and even less can work with them. Being among the first you get a real advantage over the market.

For whom
  • Visual
    Designers, art directors, artists, illustrators, all visual content creators
  • Text
    Copywriters, strategists, creative directors, all concept and text creators
  • Managing
    Business owners, entrepreneurs, creative executives
  • Enthusiasm
    Anyone who's curious about modern AI tools
You will get
  • New sources of inspiration
  • Quicker sketching
  • AI brainstorming assistant
  • Visual styling tools
  • Powerful re-writing tools
  • New level of productivity and creativity
You will learn
How AI works, basic tech principles
How to use the most popular text-to-image, text-to-text and music AI tools separately and in combination
How to boost creative thinking with the help of AI
Prompting tricks to unleash the potential for generative visualization
  • Chief Strategic Officer at DDB Worldwide, one of the world's biggest advertising agencies, where he implements a Hybrid Creativity center of excellence
  • Global Strategy Lead for McDonald's and other prominent clients
  • Hybrid Creativity enthusiast since 2016
  • Keynote speaker on Hybrid Creativity at AdWeek London in 2018

George Strakhov
Chief Strategic Officer, DDB Worldwide
  • It was a very cool experience. I was afraid that my humanitarian mindset would let me down and I wouldn't understand a thing, but it turned out that even someone with zero knowledge in the subject can master the material)

    My main insights: inspiration / discovery / optimization

    Neural networks are not as complicated as they seem :)
    They allow to facilitate operational and creative tasks, they are the future that has already become present and we can transform them into everyday life.
  • Opened my eyes to an important topic and inspired me to learn more, gave me some basic understanding and access to the tools.

    I wish it had been the beginning of a community – people that I could connect with so that we could help each other. I feel like we haven't gotten there yet.

    My top 3 insights:

    • Hybrid creativity is definitely a thing
    • I can see how it can improve creative process, I found it very inspiring
    • We should all use it now
    George is a world-class teacher.
    You need people like him to elevate your content.
    Steve Griffiths
    CDO EMEA at DDB Worldwide
  • The most current state of AI art today. In-depth theoretical fundamentals. Super useful practical knowledge

    My main insights:
    • Teachers have deep and systemic professional knowledge
    • I can now consider myself one of the few with the most relevant info
    • I found support for my point of view on hybrid creativity authorship issues
  • An eye-opening experience of unexplored possibilities and gentle use of artificial intelligence in creative context.

    My top 3 takeaways from the masterclass:
    • AI is a mirror of your ability to imagine something
    • The balance between abstract and concrete is the key
    • Good semantics is the ticket that leads to otherworldly results

    I enjoyed the hands-on approach, it's very useful because you can start creating right away.
Workshop program
  • part 1
    • What is AI & machine learning? How does generative AI work?
    • Who owns the AI-generated art?
    • How can I use generative AI?
    • Using text-generating AI as a creative tool, tips and tricks
    • Text generation practice
    • Homework assignments

  • part 2
    • Homework feedback session
    • Image-generating AI as a creative tool and source of inspiration
    • Phygital+ AI tools
    • What are prompt generators? Prompting syntax
    • Image generation practice
    • Homework assignments
  • part 3
    • Homework pitching
    • Working with music
    • Feedback session
    • Q&A
Recording access
You will receive the link to your email.
Access: 1 year

4 500р
Recording access
You will receive the link to your email.
Access: 1 year

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